Top 10 Best Apps for Android - Free Apps 2019

Top 10 Best Apps for Android - Free Apps 2019
Top 10 Best Apps for Android - Free Apps 2019

Top 10 Best Apps for Android - Free Apps 2019. similar app for so long but either the app didn't work properly or they were so many ads in them but this app is really good so all you need to do you select frequency and then tell it to your friends and Tejaswi to input the frequency and hit the power button and that's it I can use your phone as a walkie torquay and in this app is not to use the Push to talk as well I can also select different colours for your walkie-talkie this app is available for both Android and IOS as well as you can use it from my desktop to the website overleaf looking for an app to communicate quickly and easily with your friends then this is the app to check out next happy having at least is the MLA pics pics is a wallpaper app which has lot of high quality 4K wallpapers and this app is specially designed for AMOLED displays Tera lauda wallpapers in the app anyone's am getting error daily apart from that I can choose from 30 different categories and there is also an option to search the wallpaper by colour is the app design is pedicure and find its happen only easy to navigate internet plan 2 wallpapers to choose from heaven also mark any wallpaper as your favourite and will appear in your favourite section in the app this section for popular happy having at least is the envelope envelope is a very simple app which allows you to upload and share files with your friends and colleagues easily there is no limit no tracking and all your files are kept private for you this app runs on blockstack which means you have the control files agriculture that your storage by Jass creating a free blocked account talking about interface of the app.

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really simple and deterministic and Jasmeet to choose the file which you want to upload once uploaded now you have the link which you can share it you can also delete any file which you have uploaded Alia and link to that file will not work afterwards overall envelope is a nice and simple app to share files quickly next happy happy and blessed is the watermark remover as the name suggest this app is a watermark remover you can use this app to remove watermark from any photo aur video with just need to select the remove watermark option and then choose the photo aur video from which you want to remove the watermark and after that you need to highlight the area which has the watermark and once you process and save the file you see choose after you would like to see your notifications and you will get the notification from the app that you notifications are very the interface is Niti organised and can see the notifications within the app as well techno choose to see the notification without waiting for this app is a part of digital wellbeing experiment but I really find it useful as now I can see all the notification in one go at selected time next IPL winner list is the movie player Kabaddi player allows you to listen to your favourite music in the applicant search for any song in that you have three options first is to watch and listen to the music directly in the app oral cancer with your phone as an MP3 or video file and using the built-in App player listen to your saves songs anytime the app interface is not that good.

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but functionality wise it works perfectly I was able to find out the every song in this app and overall for free music and videos you can check out this app next happy happy and blessed is the logo designer logo design allows you to create logo free you can use the app to create and assign different types of logos this app has 5000 + logo templates which will help me to get best logo for you in just few minutes there are a lot of option is any can change fonts colours in already made logo template carrying a logo made from a professional designer is very expensive and Furious startup am looking to create your own app that can definitely user's app and design your own logo for free overlay find ASAP reduce full pictures of the customisation option in the app also has the option with no background for as we know it not PNG format which is very good next happy happy not less is the desert Island Treasure Island is also a part of Google digital wellbeing experiment and this aap help me to find focus by challenging you to go a day without abs at the time of setup you can simply select upto 7 apps which one to use aur most important for you I can try using the phone like this for sometime I have use launcher for couple of days and I find that it will help to reduce my phone usage by one third about the app.

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Design it basically a piece of paper which has more essential are placed at the bottom the app UI is designed purposely in this way which helps you to use your phone less next happy havell's is the water reminder what a reminder as a name suggest remind me to drink water I have WeChat similar apps in this series but recently came across two water reminder and because of the design and functionality I find is actually the best water reminder app I have you so far the user interface is relative another time of setup Wizard to select you wake up and sleep time and the app automatically suggest you the water intake we can manually add water intake data as well as choose the size of Glass for water intake which is missing in most of the Other apps apart from that you get frequent reminder to drink water which is really helpful overall what a reminder is a wonderful app should do give it a try and the last happy happy nai list is the unlock clock yes it's one more I will talk to help you to reduce your phone usage and basically it's a live wallpaper which shows you how many times and unlock your phone in a day the counter keep on rising as and when you unlock your phone it's really funny that sometimes I'm unlocking the phone is to see the counter moving but I like the idea behind this app install for sure help to reduce your phone usage so that's it guys it was the top 10 new best app for you for the month of November let us know if you like them and also do tell us your favourite new app of the month in the comment section below 

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