8 Cool New Android Apps 2020

8 Cool New Android Apps 2020
8 Cool New Android Apps 2020

New Android Apps 2020

New video that please check out some really interesting exciting and you and new apps Is it really a launcher launcher launcher apps really quickly with justice I will let me show you just like from here and quickly launch but my favourite at this is cool write this is much better than exiting and I am going to the home screen and then launching and its fast as you can see and very in2it plus I can totally customises I can i d alphabetical index only my most used app show up I cannot different zones like a girl for most used apps Ozone to my work abs you get the idea that triggered area of the appearance it's been customisable and applied use of the drinks bilkul functionality to an absolute fun app works well not only asking you that's the name of the Earth is an app and its Sania that actually super cool and useful thought it was a prayer this application right sneakers in Augmented reality this looks cool right time it will buy shoes online I always wondered how it look like in real life will this is the answer right now the ability to sleep useful Nike Puma and Adidas and Unity by this is an early access so they all of you right now but will not change and look promise Google assistant is nice or not but it is one important thing it can do is answer call Amit imagine that you just say hey Google answer the call and renew driving or when you can't get hold the phone call is answered and it is automatically put to speak out that would be should have tried but it does not today will be have another does exactly that one another acidic line cause and more images voice command to check whether I can just say hello to answer the call I can just say no to decline crunches speaker to answer to the court directly on speaker and deliver the voice command that is used while getting a call this is awesome and I like the fact that isn't configured is command to what you like this is super Hani and it works.

8 best NEW Android apps 2020

I am sure I will come in useful for Alleppey attending the dark mode and we all love it but what about the old Android version they are not getting the dark mode write when wrong this is an added in the dark mode to Phone running Jellybean KitKat lollipop Marshmallow and show this app is as simple as it gets you just select night mode and interface and everything for the dark wood will turn dark possible that I try this on MI A1 Android Oreo and it worked really fine and people have reported that is working on Android versions as well so yes it is awesome the auto option the scheduled to face issue with the app not working Google open the link in the description of Zombie have rough which has to be won the most innovative writing on note taking app I've ever try I mean just look at the interface its unique and I think it's beautiful that supposed to make taking notes and writing on the go easier and well it is like a single sheet Dec start.in and besting all the progress is saved automatically and you will become very laptop every time you so I love you are this is where you write and in swipe left to add another page to stashed YouTube access from here to get everything everything will try to access setting and customise into please and please clear everything else and also write the different this is a note writing app you must check.

best free android apps 2020

Cool new This is Google record rabish ki problem Masters in summer and don't go by its minimalistic design this into some interesting things to head record button and the app transcribed things in real time school is at what even impressive is that it can detect the type of audio record so it can detect when I'm speaking it can tell when I'm laughing it music anyone this is insane there is one Mohanty feature is the ability to search recording spy text I am sure this will come in handy for student Google recorder app is used this Android app that bring some really cool to eat but I don't like rooting my phone and will enter, which is really cool of the drinks of collection of Android tricks without requiring do it this is the comet in AP and as it has these different Vedic install and all of them I handle for I like the ambient display module with letter p design a custom admin display is perfect for which don't have an ambient display feature I also like dark brightness with drink and are covalent of traps grifols don't have very low brightness 2016 in Oriya models are very useful is also together they are number full wallpaper about this this is not just a random number this is the number of times I unlock the phone in a day this is a live wallpapers everytime you unlock the phone one account to come into action the wallpaper ampere is called unlock lock from Google creative labs and its a digital wellbeing experiment a bit cutting down your smartphone usage but display user timezone lock the phone that's cool ab although it's very simple and I like you customisation option in which there are some more digital wellbeing experiments like this so check the mail from the link in the description of predefined exciting cool new Android app I discovered so which one is your favourite app from this list in the composition dealer personally I like wanna Kick It super cool out all the links

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